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NEW Models

Dice Trays

How we roll: original designs and practical game accessories for your game night.


Hang an entire dungeon on your wall. Use these game-scapes as a mini mission, or to display your miniatures.

Party Shelf

The party is all here on this small diorama.

Kickstarter Successful!

The MusterBox Kickstarter was a Success! I am finishing the casting of the rewards next week, and can then work on store sales. Thanks so much to everyone who supported MusterBox.

Kickstarter Launch July 17

About Muster Boxes

You spend hours painting your game miniatures and you are justifiably proud of them. But then they go back in storage and you only take them out to play once in a while. Muster Boxes gives you a picture frame style display case to show off your hard work and mad painting skills.

The thin display format hangs on the wall, integrates into your home or office decor and requires zero table or shelf space. Magnetic tape keeps your miniatures in place and the removable outer frame means your creations are ready for action.

Data Sheets

# Title Dimensions Data Sheets
1 Prototype 6" x 12" -na-
2 Double Dungeon Deluxe 6" x 12" MusterBoxDataSheetDD.pdf
3 Double Dungeon FIY 6" x 12" MusterBoxDataSheetDD.pdf
4 Manticore Manor Deluxe 9" x 12" MusterBoxDataSheetMM.pdf
5 Manticore Manor FIY 9" x 12" MusterBoxDataSheetMM.pdf

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